Lichen Slang

We had a bit of a slow morning bird ringing the other week, so naturally I decided to have a nose around and ended up spending some time engrossed in twigs trying to remember what the name of that lichen with ‘jam tarts’ was – aka a crustose lichen with fruiting bodies that look suspiciously like mini jam tarts….. Or so I remember them being described to me once by my university lecturer! The lichen in question I believe is Lecanora chlarotera.

Lecanora chlarotera with 'jam tarts' - photo Eleanor Page

Lecanora chlarotera with ‘jam tarts’ – photo Eleanor Page

There was also one with long marginal ‘whiskers’ (cilia) – Physcia tenella seen here with Xanthoria parietina 

Physcia tenella

Physcia tenella

Physcia tenella with marginal cilia or 'whiskers' - photo Eleanor Page

Physcia tenella with marginal cilia or ‘whiskers’ – photo Eleanor Page

Not exactly technical I know, but when I’m looking down my hand lens at a small twig talking about jam tarts and whiskers, suddenly people seem to take an interest 😉 and for me (and my terrible memory) it definitely helps to get things to stick in my head!

Other lichen finds from the day:

Amandinea punctata

Amandinea punctata with black fruiting bodies 


2 thoughts on “Lichen Slang

  1. Great for some revision of the Latin names and to remember Dr M’s descriptions so thanks!😀. I like to pull a few out of my sleeve and surprise people that I know some lichen species every now and then 😉.

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