First Reed Warbler Fledglings at Bedfont

After missing bird ringing at Bedfont Lakes last Sunday (the 15th) I was gutted (for missing it) but at the same time ecstatic to hear that they caught a juvenile Cetti’s warbler, sure evidence that the male Cetti’s we caught back in April and re-trapped several times had indeed found a mate and bred successfully. This is the first record of breeding Cetti’s at this site so we are all chuffed!

This week we also got a good number of juvenile robins, blackcaps, blackbirds and the first reed warbler fledglings of the season, 3 from the same net that were presumed to be from the same brood as they were all at similar stages of development i.e. hadn’t even fully grown their tail feathers yet so perhaps only a day or more old, very sweet!

Juvenile blackbird

Juvenile blackbird

I’ve mentioned before that the juvenile blackcaps look very similar to the adult females but as they develop the black feathers in the caps of the male start to appear (as you can see in the cap of the juvenile male on the right in the photo below) which means we are able to start sexing these young birds.


Juvenile blackcaps, female (left) and male (right)

We also had to rescue this beautiful Emperor dragonfly from one of the nets, they tend to get caught and then clamp their jaws down and wont let go!

Emperor dragonfly

Emperor dragonfly


I’m not ringing next week as I’m off to Pembrokeshire on Wednesday for a week of hiking, camping and bird watching! Very excited 🙂



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