And the prize for the cutest fledgling goes to….

This chocolate coloured ball of fluffy joy!IMG_1715A Long-tailed tit fledgling, ringed today at Bedfont Lakes. Gorgeous!

We we’re also joined by clouds of damselflies this morning in the sunshine, a group I am currently getting to grips with (luckily my ringing trainer is also a dragonfly and damselfly enthusiast!) and we noted common blue, azure blue and blue-tailed damselflies. The common and azure blues are difficult to tell apart from a distance but if you manage to get close (or take a photo before you camera battery dies because you forgot to charge it, which is what happened to me this morning….) look at the start of the abdomen just behind the thorax, the common blue has a mushroom shaped black marking whereas as the azure is ‘U’shaped. I will try to get good comparison photos over the next week, and one of a blue-tailed.

Also, the first of my two Lesser Yellow Underwings emerged yesterday! Lovely to see a freshly emerged specimen when the markings are so clear. IMG_1665



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