Warblers, Woodpeckers and Dragonflies

Reed warblers have been singing away at Bedfont Lakes for a few weeks now, but due to some net rides still being mostly under water we haven’t been able to catch and ring any until last Sunday. We just about managed to get a couple of nets in between the reeds, still the water reached the top of our wellies! But luckily all the wading and near fall-ins were worth it and we got our first few reed warblers of the year.


Also caught this lovely garden warbler shortly after hearing it singing not to far front one of the nets.IMG_1654And this rather unimpressed looking (but impressive) green woodpecker, along with a great spotted woodpecker, a few blackbirds, blackcaps, wrens, chiffchaffs and the same cetti’s warbler from a few weeks ago (we’re hoping he finds a mate!). IMG_1642Also spotted a couple of freshly emerged Hairy Dragonflies, one of which had left behind this exoskeleton.IMG_1659This is a localised species so it was pretty cool to see them here.

All in all, a beautiful morning!



4 thoughts on “Warblers, Woodpeckers and Dragonflies

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